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Everything you need to know about our claims process.

How do I make a claim?

How long does the process take?

What information will I need to provide?

Who can I speak to if I have a question?

If you find yourself in a position where you need to make a claim, we want the process to be as stress free as possible. We've put together some information for you, so you can understand our claims process and are aware of the steps you need to take.

Keeping your loved ones aware of your policy can save them time and stress if the worst happens to you. Why not forward your policy confirmation email to them or ensure your policy documents are kept somewhere they can easily get to.

"Throughout the whole process, the customer is at the centre of everything we do and each claim is treated with empathy and understanding."

Gill, Claims Manager.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is very straightforward, simply call us on 0330 123 3747. One of our specially trained claims experts will guide your through the process. Because each claim is different, they are investigated individually so you can relax knowing your claim is being given our full attention.

Once you have spoken to one of the team, they will send you out a claim form to complete.

If we are made aware that a policy holder has passed away, we will try to get in touch with the loved ones of the policy holder to make a claim.

How long does the process take?

We aim to get claims paid as quickly as possible; it generally takes one month or less**, depending on the complexity of the claim and how long it takes for documents to be sent across.


We are notified of a claim

We issue the claim form

We receive the completed claim form and any additional documents

We review the claim and decide if it is payable


Claim is paid

Did you know...97.3% of life insurance claims were paid out in 2021, helping people to protect their loved ones financially.*

What information will my loved ones or I need to provide?

Your claims expert will inform you of what information you need to provide based on your situation.

Initially they will need:

  • Name of claimant
  • Policy reference
  • Details of the claim

Other documents you may be asked to provide:


Proof of Identification


Policy Schedule


Medical evidence of illness


Proof of your entitlement to the claim proceeds


Birth, marriage or death certificate


Proof of bank details

Who can I speak to if I have a question?

We care for our customers and we are here to help answer any questions you have on making a claim, however big or small.

Our specialist claims team are on hand every step of the way to help you or your loved ones through the claim process. Once we are aware of a claim, we will assign one of our experienced team to the case and keep you updated at each stage, to make it as simple and hassle free as possible.

Call us on: 0330 123 3747

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